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Infra I'm Building On In 2023

The products you build can never be better than the infrastructure you build them on. I have tried a LOT of different infra, and I’m really happy with what I’ve landed on.

Primary Infra

I like these companies a lot. So much so that I refused to take sponsorship from competing companies and reached out to all of them instead. I used all of these services BEFORE they paid me, and would continue to use them if they stopped. But they do pay me, so take that as you will.


I can’t imagine deploying without Vercel. For lambda, edge, cdn, and so much more, almost everything I need to deploy is made easier with Vercel.


PlanetScale cured my compulsive database hopping. I used to switch databases every few months, but now I’m happy with PlanetScale. It keeps getting better too with stuff like DatabaseJS 👀


Sometimes, things don’t go how they should. When you don’t understand what’s going on, it’s essential to have a logging service that does. Axiom is the first “log service” I’ve found that actually understands our needs as modern web devs. Check them out!


Upstash is the missing piece to most serverless stacks. If you feel like you HAVE to use AWS for some reason, see if they have it covered. Redis, CRONs, event queues, kafka, rate limiting, and so much more.


Auth is obnoxious. Well…auth WAS obnoxious. Clerk gets our stack. They even maintain a t3-turbo fork with working auth on Next AND React Native 🤯

Everything Else

  • Railway
  • Pusher
  • GitHub
  • Stripe
  • Plausible
  • Segment
  • GrowthBook
  • Loops
  • Mux