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Why We're Building Ping

Content creation is hard.

Most of the tools creators use every day were not built for creators. Even fewer were built by creators.

We’re here to change that.

At T3 Tools, we’re building a team of people who are passionate about media and content creation. We stream. We make content. We’re creators, so we feel the pains creators experience every day.

After collective decades of dealing with these problems, we’re building solutions.

Introducing our first creator-focused tool, Ping.

Ping brand

Have you ever tried streaming with your friends before? If you have, then you know it’s one of the most painful processes in content creation. Interaction is the life blood of live content, and the tools to interact with your friends live are rough.

Existing solutions like StreamYard and Stream Club were built for people who want to be creators, but sadly they fail those who already create. Most professional creators avoid them entirely, instead using a combination of Zoom/Discord, OBS, screen capture and duct tape.

We think we can do better.

We Build Different

Creator tooling companies are often eager to reinvent the car. We’d rather build the world’s best tires.

When T3 builds, we stay focused on three things: Simplicity, Quality, and Integration.


Simple doesn’t always mean easy. Content creation will never be easy, and we’re not pretending to have changed that.

Simple means the thing does what it says on the label. It’s sad that this isn’t always the case. Creators have been burned so many times by unclear promises and weird gotcha’s. We won’t do that.


Most applications are built around breaking down barriers for the lowest common denominator. Discord can’t increase call quality if someone might call in from 3G on their phone.

We don’t compromise on quality for users with compromised connections. Low latency, high quality feeds are the default experience when you’re using our products.


Ping integrates directly with the tools you already know and love. Every participant in a Ping call can be added as a separate source (via browser embeds). This enables full control of your layout without assumptions about what you want.

By “unbundling video conferencing”, we’ve enabled some super cool use cases we never imagined while building. Many blur the lines between the virtual world, real world, and internet, like Ironmouse interviewing Sykkuno in a virtual anime room or ProjektMelody collaborating with a real-world chef.

By building software that compliments OBS instead of replacing it, we’ve built something much more powerful than any existing solution.

What’s Next?

We have lots of fun things in our future. Hang tight.

If you’d like access to Ping early, be sure to request a demo on the homepage!

If you want to stay up to date on what we’re building, join the Discord server and follow Theo on Twitter.