Theo's Blog

Hello World

This is long, long overdue.

I’m Theo. I am nerdy about a lot of stuff. I want to start writing more about the things I’m nerdy about. I made this blog to host the things I write.

This blog is also built on things I’m nerdy about. My personal site was previously a trim Gatsby app, shipping ~200kb down the pipe. I’m way too proud that this site, blog and all, is under 100kb.

tl;dr on the tech - Next.js rewrite deployed on Netlify

It’s nothing too fancy. Still pumped about the lighthouse score tho

I’ll likely write more on the tech itself in the future - but for now, know I’m loving this stack and highly recommend it.

Next post will be the AirPods Max review, follow me on Twitter to see when that’s out

Thanks for stopping by 🙂